Skills to be Developed

  •  Creative Ideas.
  •  Imagination power.
  •  Perception.
  •  Visualization ( Tangible & Intangible).
  •  Observation Power.
  •  Meditation.

Introduction to Drawing Sketching & Design

  •  Definitions.
  •  Basic of Drawing.
  •  Connectivity of a students with Pencil, Paper, & Imagination.

Basics Ideas for Drawing & Sketching

  •  Type of Line Exploration of Line, Basic Geometrical Shapes Composition with line.
  •  Develop of Basic Concept of Design from Basic Geometrical Shapes.
  •  Object Formation with Help of Basic Geometrical Shapes.
  •  Real Shape of Basics Drawing.
  •  Human Anatomy and Action Figure composition of human figures.

3D Shading with Black & White Pencil

  •  Different type of Shading and application.

Design section (Attire, Textile )

  •   Component of Design.
  •   Arrangement Of Component.
  •   Design of Component, creativity.
  •   Fabric and web designing with component.
  •   Color Application.

Perspective Drawing

  •   Introduction, Def., Study of Perspective.
  •   Application of Drawing in perspective.
  •   Shading in Perspective ( b/w and color).
  •   Furniture Object, Creative Drawing in Perspective.
  •   Inspiration of Creativity with help of Perspective on object and other things.


  •   Various interior designs with help of perspective.
  •   Application of color and 3D Shading.
  •   Preparation of Interior through different inspirations.


  •  Theory
  •  Harmony
  •  Shading
  •  Perception
  •  Application

Scene Depiction

  •  Preparing various scene depictions with help of perspective and 3D shading.

,Graphic Design

  •   Theme, through, color application etc.
  •   Posts, Stamp Banner book cover etc.
  •   Various Section of graphic of graphic Design.
  •  Various styles of letter writing.

Bird and Animal Drawing

  •   Illustrations, Story Illustrations, Composition.

Moods and Sequence question practice.

NIFT /NID Based question solution

Test Series Date -

  •  From 25th Dec For NID
  •  From 5th Jan For NIFT