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Kala Sanskar a Premier institute of Art that has made its presence in the field of Art & Design at Gaya, Bihar early in 2000 when not a single institute of art & design existing on the land of enlightenment i.e. Gaya.

This makes Kala Sanskar ,the oldest institution of its type Kala Sanskar is distinguished by its commitment to educate socially and creatively that will make its students,the pioneer of tomorrow Institute programs are specially tailored to provide its students well developed Analytical, creative and designing skill.

Welcome to the World of creativity

Some typical whys from student's point of view

Why to choose designing courses ?

Now a days creativity has its own importance and reative persons are demand. Today fashion and designing industry has truly transformed into a global industry where new designs and new creativity has its own aspects and vitality. Above reasons have blazed a path of bright future in fashion Industries.